Electrical Safety For Qualified Workers Refresher Course

A nice 2-hour refresher course for qualified electrical workers.

Electrical Training Pro


This course is approximately 2-hour with a timed test at the end. A certificate is given upon successful completion.

What You Will Get Out Of This Course
Workers taking this 2-hour online refresher course will learn the latest in electrical safety standards and regulations. This training goes toward satisfying your OSHA training requirement and will produce workers more aware of the hazards and how to reduce the risk. This course reflects the evolution of NFPA 70E in the direction of risk assessment and hazard elimination. The hierarchy of risk control, shock and arc flash hazard PPE selection are covered in detail. OSHA 1910, as well as NFPA 70E, will be discussed. This course is a refresher course for people who have previously attended instructor-led, full-day, classroom 70E training. Your people will walk out of this class better prepared for work involving electrical hazards.